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Constructed in 1971 and renovated in the 1990s, the SCCC has 22,000 square feet of usable meeting and event space. A pending renovation will enhance current offerings and bring usable space to more than 26,000 square feet and open in the spring of 2019.


We’d argue Seaside is the see-and-do capital of the Oregon Coast. But what good are our activities and things to do in Seaside once your meeting or event is over if you don’t know how, when, and where to do them? Simply click on any activity below and learn our tips on how to dive in.

Upcoming Events

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The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police serves as the “professional voice” of law enforcement in Oregon. 


JAN 16

AFT is a non-profit organization representing some 15,000 Oregon workers in K-12, community college and higher education in faculty and classified positions; and child care workers, in both public and private sectors.


JAN 19

The Oregon Association for Comprehensive Education provides resources and programming for individuals interested in Oregon education.


JAN 24

The annual Daddy Daughter Dance will feature a DJ, dancing, photo booth, and light refreshments!!


JAN 27